Women And Children Health Care Camp

Free and Mobile Medical camp covering about 150 children’s from the Village and its surrounding was organized conducted by the • ministry of “Leimatak Area Social Transmission Organisation” (LASTO) twice in three cluster, giving free check-up and medicine. In addition to this the Ministry sponsored one volunteers staff from the community for Medical Health Training. With the participation of the community, the Ministry initiated on maintaining the sources of sufficient water from Ring well, Pond, Water reservoirs along with distributed pipes line in hygienic way of using, It is worth to say that, the community were much aware and improved.

As the wisest saying that “Health is Wealth” It is no doubt for every body to agreed and accepted. It complements each other in a perfect way. Thus these terms ensuring a healthy living for the community is a priority. In these days, Scarcity of safe drinking water has come numerous diseases and epidemics in the target villages. People have resorted to drinking filthy, stagnant water, especially during dry and monsoon season. Guaranteeing that the people have potable water is imperative.