Disabled Welfare Programme

The Leimatak Area Social Transmission Organisatio (LASTO) resume the Works and Action to uplift the Disable and Handicap so that they can achieve themselves to be independent as well as self sufficient in all respect. As empowering the Disable to contributes building the society and families in particular. It will be in turn bring additional support to the family. In these year, supporting groups have been formed and activated in the target villages. It is by now, through their supportive activities performed, more families are benefiting and Handicapped are getting proper human right and duties in the society.

The Ministry is taking a great initiated so as to came across this problems as there is a great problem raise due to the ignore an indignity against Disable in our society. The Ministry initiated organizing Disabled welfare programme in different place and time in the targeted area. These timely help is giving great boost to their self worth and self esteem contributing to their families and society and enhance the development of the society. Ensuring for Encouraging and Empowering through Financial Assistance Welfare Programme on Disable Against Handicapped for enhancing the bigger role of the Disable in the society.